Kitsune76 (kitsune76) wrote in c_ultureshocked,

Oops, I did it again...

Don't think you'll be getting treats like this *every* night! This lot took me some days to produce.

But I give you some practice shots for the redesign of Caroline.

Some notes:

These were all drawn on my lap using printing paper and a blue biro for inking. So pardon the quality please.

One day I *will* draw consistantly at the right size. And know how to do shoes.

I'm not so sure about flirty!Caroline. The eyes are a bit overdone. Similarly with angry 3/rds shot Caroline; those eyelids sewem a bit much.

The figure in the bottom right is one of those weird times when evcerything you draw goes wrong and yet as a whole it all goes right. Still, I wish the body and head were more in proportion.

Thoughts anyone?
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